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International Express Courier Service

International Express Parcel Delivery

When time is of the essence, AGC Courier helps in collecting the consignment, completing security and customs requirements, posting the necessary details and finally handing over the package to the receiver.

All you have to do is pick up the phone. When you need to get goods or documents delivered quickly,you can trust AGC Courier for International express delivery to most major cities or – for more distant destinations by the end of the next possible business day.

Inbourne Delivery

This comprises majorly of goods that come into the country. At AGC Courier,we help track the shipment of your goods that comes into the country and upon special requests,

we have them delivered to you where and when neccesary within the country.


As a team of cargo experts,we are always available to help you with any queries you could have that might be concern in your logistic requirements. We would review your requirements and provide you with a quotation that would save you considerable amount of money in the long term.

That is surely a guarantee. we deal on inborne {into the country} and outborne {out of the country}. We have Inbourne Delivery and Outbourne Delivery

Outbourne Delivery

This involves goods that go out of the country. This we do by tracking the shipment of your goods as it leaves the country.

We ensure the safety and security of your package till it gets to it’s destination.

Our Major Features :

  •  Secure packaging material.

  • Door to door service to and from most parts of Nigeria

  •  SMS blast for notification

  •  Courier insurance

  •  Improved technology